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Don Bosco Museum

DON BOSCO MUSEUM at Mawlai, Shillong, inaugurated by Smt. Sonia Gandhi on 5th March, 2010 is a well-known tourist destination today. It showcases the entire North East of India under one roof. The seven storey Museum building rises into Shillong’s skyline as a unique and landmark centre. The newly added skywalk provides the visitors a 360° view of the beautiful Queen City of the North East, namely, the historic Shillong. Equally attractive is the 28 feet by 25 feet relief map of the North East in fibreglass. Soon to be added are a ten feet by six feet fiberglass Map of Meghalaya a gift from the Director Tourism, Meghalaya] and an equally large presentation of Shillong, both indicating the places of tourist attraction. All the galleries in the Don Bosco Museum are provided with Multimedia Presentations. Using state of the art technology, the Museum opens the wide door of knowledge to its visitors. The seven-storey Museum offers the visitor an unforgettable experience of the North East by means of over 14 aesthetically pleasing and informative galleries. It has an amazing collection of attire, accoutrements, weapons, ornamentation and rare photographs. This is also the largest cultural museum in the whole of Asia as far as indigenous cultures of the North East are concerned. Apart from its amazing galleries, Don Bosco Museum welcomes its visitors to have a breath-taking view of Shillong City from the Museum’s skywalk. Timings : Throughout the week 09:00 am to 05:30 pm (Summer) & 09:00 am to 04:30 pm (Winter) Holidays : DBCIC remains open througout the year except : all Sundays, Thursday before Easter to Monday after Easter, Novermber 2nd, Second last Monday in November and December 22nd to 25th, 1st January & 31st January.