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Ram Gauri Sangrahalay Museum (Rhenock)

Located at Rhenock in East Sikkim RamGauri Sangrahalay (Museum) is playing an imperative role for the reconstruction of the political history of Sikkim. After visiting the said museum I have concluded that only fervor can make it possible. Taken care by its owner Mr. Ganesh Kumar Pradhan, has a huge collection of documents related to the political development of the erstwhile tiny Himalayan Kingdom of Sikkim. The museum also has a collection of various tax receipts paid by the Sikkimese peasantry to their feudal Lords in the pre-independence period. In this category, the most interesting document is the bank receipt issued by Bhojraj and Jethmul Bank, the first bank of Sikkim.The most amazing part of this Archive/Museum is that it has got the entire volume ofKanchenjunga, the first news based journal of Sikkim.