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State Archaeological Museum

State Archaeological Museum With several other factors making Kolkata a bright city in the whole of India, the cultural, art, sculpture, architecture and archaeology of Kolkata are also striking features of the city creating a difference in its own. Built in 1962, the State Archaeological Museum of Kolkata houses the rare tools of the Early, Middle and the Late Stone Ages from Susunia (Bankura) and several other sites.Antiquities of proto-historic times from Pandu Rajar Dhibi (Burdwan), terracottas, sculptures, stone and stucco from the Gupta Maurya, Sunga, Kushana and Pala and Medieval times are stored in the State Archaeological Museum of Kolkata. In 1963 a new section was opened under the name of Historical Art to preserve the old terracottas, bronzes, woodcarvings, textiles and manuscripts.Apart from this, the gallery also sells several card sets and other publications. The main activities include explorations and excavations of historical sites. Moreover, the State Archaeology Department has found 350 odd pieces of terracotta statues dating back to the era of Buddha from Ramjibanpur.