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Government Museum

Address:Leisure Valley,Sector 10 Price Rs2, camera Rs5 Opening time: Tues–Sun 10am–4.30pm Chandigarh s Government Museum and Art Gallery houses a sizeable and informatively displayed collection of textiles, Harappan artefacts, miniature paintings and contemporary Indian art, including five original Roerichs and a couple of A.N. Tagore s atmospheric watercolours.The ancient sculptures are the compelling exhibits, notably the Gandhara Buddhas with their delicately carved "wet-look" lunghis and distinctly Hellenic features – a legacy of Alexander the Great s conquests.Next door, the small but appropriately modernist City (Architecture) Museum (Tues– Sun 10am–5pm; free) illustrates the planning and construction of Chandigarh, with models and photographs in a concrete pavilion based on one of Le Corbusier s designs. Beyond that, the Natural History Museum (Tues– Sun 10am–4.45pm; Rs2, camera Rs5) has a few stuffed animals, some bits of fossilized mammoths and diorama depictions of early humans.The same cultural complex includes a Rose Garden and open-air theatre where free concerts are occasionally staged.