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Kangra Art Museum

It is at Kotwali Bazar and among its display is an old original throne of Raja Sansar Chand. Kotwali bazaar is Dharamsala s busiest area. It offers all the charm of a small town marketplace with small shops selling local goods and all sorts of people wandering around it. You will find ATMs, phone-booths, internet parlours and chemistsaplenty in Kotwali Bazar. In fact, many treks start from here and you can also organise transportation or a driver for yourself from this spot. Kangra Art Museum is a veritable wonderland if you like art and history. Kangra Art Gallery/Museum was inaugurated in 1990.You will find many examples of the famous Kangra Art here. There are also crafts, artifacts and sculptures all representing the rich impact Kangra Art has had on artists even today. This treasure trove of the Kangra valleys arts, crafts and rich past, displayartifacts that date back to the 5th Century. There is also a section that displays anthropological items as is one that showcases the traditional form of dress in this area. Then there are old carved doors, pandals and furniture used by royalty ink old times. Another section neatly displays coins, jewellery and manuscripts.In another section you can discover some new talent. Here local artists display their work and some of it can even be bought.