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Sobha Singh Art Gallery

The Sobha Singh Art Gallery is located within the premises of the sprawling cottage of the world famous painter of Sobha Singh. Sobha Singh is honored with numerous awards from various sources because of his unique artistic skills.The famous painter, Sobha Singh has been awarded with Padma Shri from the Punjab Art Council in recognition of his contribution to the world of painting.The Sobha Singh Art Gallery is a delight for those who love painting.The art gallery boasts of exclusive paintings of renowned religious figures of Sri Krishna, Sheikh Farid, the ten Gurus of the Sikh religion, Jesus Christ and Sri Rama. The unique collection of paintings by Sobha Singh draws several visitors who are awed by the excellent sketches and harmonious blend of colors in his paintings.The numerous travel agents of Himachal Pradesh arrange trips to the Sobha Singh Art Gallery from Dalhousie via Shimla.One of the exciting and thrilling tours from Dalhousie, the visit to Sobha Singh Art Gallery refreshes the minds of the visitors from the stress and strains of daily mundane life.