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Government Museum, Mathura

Mathura is famed for its great contribution in the field of arts and a special school of arts by name Mathura School originates from this legendary place. The Mathura Museum exposes some of the unique artifacts of Mathura school and it turns to be the most popular tourist destinations in the city.Established in the year 1874, this museum is a best podium for those who love to do research works in the field of art. Formerly called as the Curzon Museum, this Museum reflects the rich cultural heritage of the city at its true colour.This octagonal shaped building with red sand stone looks fabulously amazing.Among the various artifacts fine sculpture of Kushanas, gold, copper and silver coins, terrcota works , clay models, ancient pottery and paintings needs special mention.Statue of mother goddesses,stature of King Vima Kadphises sat on a lion throne and plates of the Sunga period are the other exceptional items on display.Except on Mondays and public holidays this Museum opens its door to the public from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.