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Kuthiramalika (Puthenmalika) Palace Museum

The name of this palace turned museum originated from its unique structure of roof beams carved in such a way as to resemble the faces of horses. In local language Kuthiramalika means Horse Bungalow.This distinct architectural design of Kuthiramalika Palace Museum, Kerala marks the refined taste of its founder,Maharaja Swathi Thirunal Balarama Varma- the king of Travancore.Renowned as a statesman, poet and social reformer in nineteenth century, the Maharaja was a great connoisseur of art and culture.The majestic edifice with antique furniture and other artifacts revive the charm of a bygone era. Fashioned in original architectural style of Kerala, the grand palace is a heritage in itself. The Maharaja spent his last days in Kuthiramalika (Puthenmalika) Palace Museum, Kerala composing some musical pieces both in classical Carnatic and Hindustani style. Encasing a memorabilia of the former Kings and the erstwhile princely State of Travancore this palace was opened for common people.Treasuring the precious objects of its royal residents Kuthiramalika (Puthenmalika) Palace Museum, Kerala, is an art lover s delight.The display items include exquisitely beautiful ornaments used by the members of royal family and weapons of the kings.The museum boasts of other fascinating items like the collection of priceless paintings.