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Janapada Loka

Janapada Loka is one of the very popular folk museums of Karnataka which was set up in the year 1979. Janapada Loka of Karnataka is located 53 kilometers on Bangalore-Mysore highway.You can hire a cab or take a bus trip from Bangalore to reachJanapada Loka.70 Kms from Bangalore on the way towards Mysore, this place resides on the main road of the state highway.A section dedicated to the tribal origins of India, hosts exclusive collection of photographs of various tribal dances across the Indian subcontinent.There are close to 30 tribal origins in India itself and one could see some rare photographs of tribal settlements in India who are of African origin.A Photo exhibition of 220 varieties of folksingers, folkdances and their origin information are on the exhibit. Clothing & Ornamental accessories used by different artisans in the folkdances are also on the display. Janapada Loka at Karnataka attracts millions of visitors every year through a list of over 5000 rural artifacts on display.The museum offers a deep insight into the rural arts and culture of Karnataka and various changes that it has underwent since the ancient age to the modern period.Janapada Loka of Karnataka has its major attractions in folk pictures, paintings, sculptures, photographs, terracotta tamrapatra, agricultural instruments, pottery, musical instruments,coins,ganjifa,palm leaf manuscripts, looms, wooden carvings, leather puppets, tools, etc. from rural Karnataka.A visit to Janapada Loka in Karnataka is necessary for those who wish to explore the rural art and culture of Karnataka.This museum offers you in-depth knowledge of rural heritage through the large number of articles on display. Moreover, you also come across the creative talent of the Karnataka people at Janapada Loka and an appreciation of their talent makes them work harder.Apart from the museum, the 15 acres long complex of Janapada Loka in Karnataka houses an open air theater, a studio and other structures. Janapada Loka in Karnataka operates from 9 am to 5:30 pm with a lunch break of one and a half hour from 1 pm to 2:30 pm on all days except Tuesday and certain public holidays.