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Keladi Museum, Karnataka

Keladi Museum is actually a great resource for archeology lovers, who would prefer to explore history and artifacts of excellent rulers of Keladi.The museum displays artifacts dating back to a large number of years from all above Shimoga district in 1 location.To get close to the culture of the Keladi Rulers, to know more about the relics of Indian cultural heritage of the last three centuries and some of its important aspects that are preserved, the Keladi Museum is a must visit.The Keladi Museum is the only rural museum that consists of manuscripts, sculptures and paintings.The museum was established by Sri. Keladi Gunda Jois about 20 years back.During that time, Sri Keladi Gunda did not have enough funds to maintain proper staff and provide facilities.Over a period of time, board of trustees consisting of eminent scholars was formed. It was then that from 1985 onwards the National Archives, National Museum of Delhi and the Government of Karnataka started issuing small donations that helped grow the museum.Keladi museum is constantly expanding at a fast pace, and it is including new artifacts from all above Karnataka. Museum has played a pivotal role in archiving the background and heritage of Keladi guidelines for example Chennamma and Shivappanayaka.Museum is portion of Indian Archeology department, and is also maintained at its best by Keladi Gunda Jois and Dr. Venkatesh Jois.