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Mysore Railway Museum

The city of Mysore is well known for its rich cultural past. The history of Mysore is carefully stored in the rich architectural pieces of the city.The historical past of the city and the cultural past have been carefully preserved in the museums in Mysore .One can witness a large number of arts, murals and priceless artifacts of the bygone era.And the list of Museums in the city will remain incomplete without a tour to the Railway Museum in Mysore.The Mysore Railway Museum is located at the Krishnaraja Sagar Road just beside the Mysore Railway Station and can be easily accessed by the common public.Built in 1979 by the Indian Railways, the Mysore Railway Museum was the one of a kind outdoor exhibit of locomotives in India.One of the main features of the Mysore Railway Museum is the Chamundi Gallery where a number of black and white photographs and paintings have been displayed.These photographs trace the development of the railway in Mysore, Karnataka.The museum also includes battery operated toy train which is a favorite of the children.One can also take the guests for a ride along the grounds of the museum.The displays at the Railway Museum at Mysore also include two coaches that belonged to the former royal family of the Mysore.Most of the displays at the Mysore Railway Museum have been shifted from the Mysore Palace.Another important display at the Museum in Mysore is the saloon carriage belonging to the Maharani of Mysore.The carriage dates back to 1899 and include a separate coach and a dining car.Apart from this the premises also include the first built steam engine in India.