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Folklore Museum

This is a hidden gem in Mysore. A typical tourist to the city is hardly aware its presence, leave alone adding it to the itinerary. However the Folklore museum’s popularity is slowly catching up. Owned by the University of Mysore, this is the largest such museums in the country.Well, for two reasons.First, the uniqueness of the exhibits.You’ll find a mind boggling collection of traditional artefacts on display in this museum, apart from the ususal stuffs like sculptures and paintings.The second reason for its charm is its settings.The Folklore Museum is setup in an imposing stately mansion which it self is a major attraction from a historic and architectural point.Let’s talk about the central theme of the exhibits.As the name suggests, there are predominantly items once used by the rural folks, traditional artists and even the tribals.For example on the first floor of the museum you can see a massive collection of traditional farming equipment and tools, mostly made of wood and metal.Nearby is a big collection of kitchen utensils and tools of the bygone era.Further you’ll see a long row of vintage personal weapons and fitness equipment.There is a whole section dedicated for traditional wicker baskets, anything for that used in farming to the one used by the snake charmers.Another interesting section exhibits tools used by tribal folks for fishing and even trapping birds.The more conventional exhibits include archeological artefacts. For example there a large collection of replicas of Indus Valley artefacts.Also a large collection of sculptures collected from ancient temple sites. You’ll also find a big collection of teracota specimens excavated from various archeological sites.