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Goa State Museum

Goa state Museum in Goa Goa bubbles with energy and spirit.Thronged by tourists all the year round, this highly rejuvenating State manages to conjure up a spot for every traveler and his unique taste. Thus, Goa is full of discos, picnic beaches, churches and temples and also unique and very popular museums.The delight of being in highly exotic museums is specially appreciated by tourists, keen on understanding Goan history and the priceless pieces of art, in this popular Indian tourist destination. One such museum is the Goa state Museum, in Goa, which offers a wide remix of historical artifacts and mind-boggling collection of antiques.The priceless collections: The Goa state Museum is situated in the EDC complex in Panji, Goa. It is famous for its collection of almost 8,000 items that attract tourists from far and wide.The Goa state Museum in Goa is especially famous for its collection of Hindu and Jain scriptures.Visitors also get to see countless antique wooden objects, famous Indian paintings, various manuscripts and anthropological objects.The innumerable clay objects and Bronzes also never fail to delight visitors in quest of art in this museum. However, there are a few objects, which principally captivate the attention of one and all.The pair of antique lottery machines is one such object, which draws visitors in large numbers. Another historically significant object is the carved table, which had been used during Goa’s inquisition.Thus, this museum has been successful in encompassing objects from all aspects of not just Goa’s but also India’s art and culture.