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Prince Of Wales Museum

Prince of Wales Museum, now known as the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, was set up in the early 20th century to honour the visit of King George V to India. Designed by an eminent architect, George Wittet, the museum is an impressive heritage building of Mumbai and one of the best museums in India.The architecture of Prince of Wales Museum displays an Indo-Saracen style with an imposing white dome adding to its magnificence.The museum can be categorised into three main sections namely, Art, Archaeology and Natural History.The museum has a fine collection of various forms of art from India and some invaluable Nepali, Tibetan and Far-Eastern art and artefacts.If intricate paintings interest you then a collection of over 2000 miniature paintings from various Indian schools of art is bound to leave you awestruck.This section of the Prince of Wales Museum has one of the best miniature collections in India. Ancient Indian art is presented by the Stone Sculpture gallery with sculptures from various regions of India.The museum also houses Decorative Art objects with wonderful collections in jade, wood, ivory, and metal.The Prince of Wales Museum has some rare and optimum collections of the Indian history featuring archaeological artefacts from the Indus Valley that dates back to 2000 BC. It also exhibits relics and remnants from the Gupta and Maurya Periods.The Indian Coins collection, acquired from individual collections, as well as the Archaeological Survey of India covers an entire range of coin specimens from various dynasties.The Natural History section has galleries displaying collection of Birds, Mammals, Reptiles, Amphibians and Fishes.This section of Prince of Wales Museum aims to increase awareness about flora and fauna especially, endangered species.Another interesting parts of the museum’s collection are the European Oil Paintings and Indian Arms and Armour sections.One can explore the different varieties of weapons, swords, projectiles and shields of the bygone era.The museum also houses a collection of historical textiles, especially from Gujarat and Kashmir.Apart from generating awareness of India’s rich ancient heritage through the artefacts showcased, Prince of Wales Museum regularly houses exhibitions and lectures on various topics.Best time to visit Though one can visit anytime of the year, ideally the best time to visit Prince of Wales Museum and Mumbai is from October to April, as the weather remains pleasant and the relative humidity in the atmosphere is low.Trivia Before the Museum was opened to the public, the building was used as a military hospital and for the Children’s Welfare Exhibitions.