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Folklore Museum, Jaisalmer

Situated on the banks of the Garsisar lake the museum is a gold mine of information not just about Jaisalmer, but the rich cultural heritage of western Rajasthan. Established in 1984 by a N K Sharma,this museum is divided into six sections and has a rich collection of paintings, photographs, costumes, jewellery, camel and horse decorations and fossils. There are also articles connected with folk and cultural lifestyles in the museum.It is an excellent place for those interested in understanding the finer cultural aspects of the region. For example, the significance of colors and designs of headgear and costume are key pointers of an individual s status in the traditional society.The museum helps a visitor get an insight into such finer aspects! Puppets and other traditional items of daily use are on display here.One can watch a video showing musicians playing traditional instruments, and detailing other traditional skills in English, French and Hindi. Also recommended is the depiction of the tragic love story of Princess Moomal and King Mahendra.Very informatory and intriguing, its exhibits include everything from paintings and musical instruments to old coins, manuscripts, camel and horse ornaments, postcards, photographs,costumes, jewelry/ curios and even fossils, each divided into different sections.The locally styled wooden statues of Krishna and Radha, musical instruments, paintings and travelling temples ( kavad ) are all from the personal collection of the museum. It is a very informatory and intriguing Folk Art Museum.