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Begusarai Museum

Kashi Prasad Jaisawal Archaeological Museum established in 1947 by legend regional historian Late Prof. Radha Krishna Choudhary, is at present associated with the Dept. Of A.I.H.C & Archaeology, G.D.College,Begusarai. It is named after eminent scholar of Indian culture Dr. Kashi Prasad Jaisweal. The main objective of this museum is to preserve the scattered archaeological remains of Begusarai region and fulfill the educational need of the associated department at the same time. It has the glory to be one and only museum of Bihar associated and run by a college. Bringing archaeological remains to such museums (without any formal help of the civil administration) is a tough task and this museum has done it successfully time to time with the help of teachers and students. Though, the development and prosperity is an everlasting phenomena, this museum with its collection successfully presents a glimpse of cultural legacy of Begusarai region.Kashi Prasad Jaisawal Archaeological Museum is a centre where history is preserved. Interestingly, it bears a history of its own. In Sep, 1947, the then D.M. of Munger, Mr. T.P.Singh, IAS, inaugurated this museum at G.D.College,Begusarai. Prof. R.K.Choudhary, Mr. G.D.Chakraborty, Prof. S.N.Singh,Dr. A. Kumar etc played important roles in this field. Dr. P. Gupta, M.B.B.S. contributed a lot in carrying forward the mass awareness necesary for the prosperity of such museums. Mr. Sabarmal Tulsyan of Balia (Begusarai) contributed a number of archaeological remains to this museum. Many names not finding mention here, worked behind curtain for its prosperity.