Karismakalpa “Girls Godmother”

We sponsor for caring!

The dawn of the century ushered a new lease of life to women empowerment. The women of the world were given an opportunity to empower themselves socially and economically.

Parents hold the key

Today rearing girl children is a great responsibility for the parents and there are two main important enlightening; one is teaching the manners which goes with our culture and other one identifying a perfect spouse.

But what about the orphan girls or without parents?

Lady luck does not smile on every girl child. Girls without parents cannot wish for such compassion and helping hand. They are exposed to hardship and uncertain marriage and post marriage life. They have to be taken care of by someone and be protected. The greatest hurdle they face in their life is that no one is ready to help them in their marriage.

Karismakalpa embraces them and would like act as Godmother to help them out in sponsoring their marriage by providing “Karismakalpa-Kit” which contains Thali, Catering, and Hall Decoration, Priest Service, Music.

Karismakalpa would also like to sponsor whose wedding was engaged but could not get married due to financial crises.

Any one irrespective of caste or religions can register with us to begin the process. Karismakalpa would take care of the girl like child.

For enquiries mail us to: enquiry@kalyanakalpa.com