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Bhagalpur Museum

Bhagalpur 60 km from Munger by train or bus is Bhagalpur, associated with memories of the great Bengali novelists Sarat Chandra and Banaful. It would be better to travel to Bhagalpur by direct trains 3071 Howrah Jamalpur Exp or 3133 Sealdah-Mughalsarai Exp which leave at 22-30 hr and 20-55 hr and reach Bhagalpur next morning at 7-15 hr and 6-40 hr respectively.Bhagalpur Museum is situated at Station Club, Bhagalpur. It contains different types of Sculptures, terracotta, arms etc.Bhagalpur Museum organizes lectures and even film shows on different subjects.The museum is open from 10 am to 5:30 pm during summer and 10 am to 5 pm during winter. It remains closed on Mondays and government holidays. Tour Bhagalpur town by a rickshaw on contract basis. First see the High Tower, Temple of Dudheswara Mahadeva, the Uni¬versity and the Jain Temple at Nathnagar. Passenger trains run from Bhagalpur to Nathnagar, just 4 km away.