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Krishna Museum

Sri Krishna Museum was established in 1987 by Kurukshetra Development Board and is based in Kurukshetra of Haryana. Sri Krishna Museum is the only museum in the world which is dedicated to Lord Krishna. It is a beautiful museum displaying various phases of life of Lord Krishna. It was shifted to the present building in 1991 and new blocks were added in 1995.The present form of Museum was inaugurated by Shri R Venkatraman, President of India on July 28 in 1991.Bhagavad Gita was rendered by Lord Krishna at Kurukshetra and therefore Kurukshetra Development Board established the Museum on this sacred land.During the dynasty of Chola, Pallava and Nayaka, the artifacts like Kangra, Pichhawai paintings, Patta Chitra, bronze, Madhubani etc were found as they were using these artifacts to celebrate the life of Lord Krishna.This museum showcases marvelous artwork by talented artists in the form of wooden carvings like Dasavataras and Venugopala.The museum also has an idol of Shri Krishna in pearl.The main attraction of this museum however is the huge painting depicting the battle of Kurukshetra. Shri Krishna Museum is located between the famous Brahma Sarovar and Sanehit Sarovar in Kurukshetra.It is 2 km from Kurukshetra railway station.National and International Museum festivals are celebrated in the museum such as Mother’s day (May 2009), International Museum Day (May 2009), Janmashtmi (August 2009) etc. where the museum authorities make an attempt to create awareness among the visitors about the heritage and culture of Kurukshetra.