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Library of Tibetan Works and Archives

Located within the grounds of the Tibetan Government-in-exile (though independent), the LTWA is the official National Library, Museum and Archive. Having begun life with two humble collections in Tibetan and English, the library is now a repository for significant collections of artifacts, manuscripts and other records, while also serving as a centre for language and cultural education. It houses two significant libraries, a museum, and audiovisual, photographic and architectural archives. Holdings have grown to include more than 110,000 titles in the form of manuscripts, books and documents; hundreds of thangkas (Tibetan scroll paintings), statues and other artifacts; and over 6,000 photographs.The library s significant oral history project was the first outside of Tibet .The LTWA also runs a publishing house, distributing its own titles in Tibetan, English and Hindi, largely on the topics of Buddhism and Tibetan culture. In recent years, another feather was added to the library s cap when it was nominated as a resource centre for India s National Mission for Manuscripts project.