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Indian War Memorial Museum, New Delhi

Indian War Memorial Museum, housed in the historical Red Fort,of New Delhi, pays a whole-hearted veneration, in the golden memory of those outstanding warriors of India.These courageous soldiers were the pride of the nation, since they sacrificed their lives in the scourges of the devastating World war.They defended the nation, although they were subject to the British Empire ruling India at that pre-independence era.History recounts, that they had participated in the war , in their own motherland and abroad.The first and second stories of Naubat Kahana or Naqqar Khana i.e. the Musical House, of the Red Fort was initially selected as the site for the Indian War Memorial Museum.One can access the east-turned building , both from the north and the south.The awesome panorama, featuring the landmark battle of history, namely the First Battle of Panipat, fought among the efficient army of Babur, and the enormous troops of Ibrahim Lodi, posited opposite to each other, is available in the entrance gallery.