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Napier Museum

Location & history:The Napier Museum is one of the oldest museums of India.A contemporary of the Indian Museum Calcutta and Madras Government Museum, this beautiful and historic repository of the relics and treasured possessions of Kerala was built in 1857 at the bidding of Maha Raja Uthram Thirunal, His Highness Maharaja Raja Ramaraja Sri Padmanabha Dasa Vanchi Pala Marthanda Varma II, Kulashekara Kiritapati Mannaneya Sultan Bahadur Shamsher Jung, Raja of Travancore.The old building that housed the museum was demolished and the foundation for the new building named after Lord John Napier, the Governor General of Madras presidency was laid in 1874. The famous architect Robert Chisholm of Madras University Senate and Victoria Memorial fame was commissioned the project the construction was complete by 1880.