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HAL Aerospace Museum

The HAL Aerospace Museum in Bangalore is located at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), Old Airport Road, which is just 8 Km away from MG Road and 2 Km from Old Airport. HAL Aerospace Museum is India s first aerospace Museum located at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited premises, in Bangalore. HAL Aerospace Museum was established in the year 2001, the Museum is a component of the HAL Heritage Centre and Aero Space Museum,showcases the development of Indian aviation industry and HAL for 6 decades. It is a extraordinary display of types, first of its type as well as exceptional in its nature.The Heritage Centre and Museum has been set up to catalogue and display the heritage and development of aviation in India, particularly in Bangalore and at HAL.A number of aircraft and aero-engines are on display at the main hall with a video presentation on the development of propulsion systems and gas turbines.In Hall No. 1, each of the rooms takes you down a bygone era from 1940, showing the growth of the Indian aviation industry, and HAL s achievements and progress over the years. Back in the 1940s, Bangalore was one of the important centres which serviced and repaired the aircraft of the Allied Forces engaged in World War II.Visitors can trace aviation history through photographs, special stamps, and models of aircraft and even space vehicles.Going through the displays, aviation enthusiasts and students get an insight into the technologies of aircraft manufacturing and maintenance as they have evolved over the last 60 years. One can see the aircraft designed, developed and built by HAL, as well as those produced under licence for the Indian Air Force. Visitors can recapture the days of aerial combat with fighters such as Marut (HF-24), MiG-21, LCA and the Canberra bomber.Trainers, including the HT-2 (HAL s first trainer aircraft), the Pushpak (which is still used by flying clubs across the country), Kiran (the basic jet trainer for IAF pilots), and the Basant, an aircraft designed for aerial spraying and other agricultural operations, are displayed in all their might.The helicopters on show include the HAL-designed ALH, the Chetak and Cheetah along with the transport aircraft, Devon (Dove). The tour continues through Hall No. 2 where more excitement awaits the visitors.