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Museum of Goa Daman and Diu

Being maintained by the Directorate of Archives, Archaeology and Museum of the Government of Goa, this museum mainly concentrates on the archival and the archaeological materials.The set of different sculptures kept in this Goan museum display the antiquities belonging to the various Hindu dynasties,who once ruled the state of Goa.Apart from these,the museum even houses a good collection of some of the important manuscripts and inscriptions,which portrays the history of the area.Ancient form of textiles and coins are among the major attractions of the place.To name a few of the other artifacts displayed in this Goa museum, which reflect the Portuguese Christian influences in the region are furniture, statues made of ivory and various other kinds of objects of art.Since, prior to gaining statehood,Goa was a part of the Union Territory of Daman and Diu, this museum of Goa is famously called "Museum of Goa, Daman and Diu". Open on all weekdays from 10 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 5:30 pm,this museum in Goa remains closed on all public holidays including Sundays.Museum of Goa,Daman and Diu Directorate of Archives,Archaeology and Museum Ashirvad Building, St. Inez, Panaji, Goa - 403 001, India.