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Durbar Hall Museum

The Durbar Hall Museum, Junagadh provides the tourists an opportunity to have a glimpse at the glory and grandeur of the Nawabs and sultans who have ruled there.The museum was initially a courthouse where cases were heard and was later converted into a museum.The Durbar Hall Museum is one of the two museums housed in Junagadh.Most of the items exhibited at this museum bear a close resemblance to the lives of the Nawabs.Silver thrones, beautifully designed carpets, sparkling chandeliers and paintings speak of the delectable taste of the rulers.The oil painting of the Nawab with his dogs is one of the main attractions of this museum.The collections of the museum takes one back to the period of the Nawabs of Junagadh.The museum houses Royal furniture, silver-plated throne, silver chair and silk carpets.Different types of zummers, mirrors, silver objects, oil paintings, miniature paintings, photographs, palanquins, arms, albums, huge chandeliers, royal armory, portraits and golden ornaments are also preserved in the museum.Darbar Hall Museum is an art museum situated at Junagadh, in Gujarat.The museum is housed in the hall where the erstwhile Nawabs of Junagadh used to hold court. Established in 1966, Darbar Hall Museum gives an insight into the period of Nawabi rule in Junagadh.The museum exhibits silver plated thrones, fine carpets, huge chandeliers and a red silk carpet with diamonds resembling stars of a crimson sky.Carpets lavishly embroidered with gold thread,huge chandeliers, royal armory, portraits and paintings are also on display.Darbar Hall Museum is the part of City Palace.Another attraction of the Durbar Hall Museum is a carpet, which had been woven by the inmates of the Junagadh jail. Besides these, the Durbar Hall Museum of Junagadh also houses howdahs, palanquins, gold and silver jewelry, small and large paintings.There is a silver plated howdah, which has mermaids at all the corners and a tiger protecting the velvet seats. The howdah is all exquisitely decorated and is admired by the visitors.The Durbar Hall Museum in Junagadh also showcases the different arms and weapons used during the times of the Nawab.Sabers, Kukris from Nepal, daggers of various shapes and sizes, shields made of turtle shells are some of the items on display at the museum.The Durbar Hall Museum, Junagadh is a must visit destination while on a trip to this historic city of Gujarat.