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Shreyas Folk Museum

Museum of Folk Art and Culture of Gujarat Established: April 1977.Shreyas Folk Museum is situated on the campus of Shreyas Foundation atop the beautiful, lush green Shreyas Hill. In the exhibition galleries, exquisite embroidery, bead work, wood-carvings, metal work and objects of house hold use-collected from all over Gujarat are on display.There are caperesions of camel, horse and bullocks.Cultural aspects of Kathi, Rabari, Ahir, Charan, Bharvad, Kanbi, Koli, Mer, Bhansali, Rajput, Brahmin,Vania, Meghval, Khoja, Bohra, Memon, Miana, and many other communities are represented.Labeled photographs accompanying the displayed objects explain the context the usage, name and location.Shreyas Kalpana Mangaldas Balayatan Museum:Museum of Toys, Crafts and Performing Arts.The museum is a treasures chest of exhibits from more than fifty-four states and countries.A large elephant skeleton (more than 3 mts. high), coins, articles for personal, ceremonial and domestic use, weapons, toys, costumes, masks, puppets, musical instruments and objects made of wood metal, cloth, paper-mache, leather, clay etc. are on display. Kathani: Gallery of Shreyas Fairs and Festivals Established: 2004 Participation in Fairs and Festivals is a valuable way through which people develop a sense of unity and fellow feeling built on knowledge, understanding and appreciation of different cultures. As an outcome of a year round study projects, Shreyas has celebrated thirty-six festivals since 1952, focusing various areas of the world. Kathani is a permanent gallery of the Fairs and Festivals held at Shreyas, comprising puppet ad stage shows, shadow plays, folk and classical performances of art and craft and food. Shreyas Sangeeta Vadyakhand: Gallery of Musical Instruments from India and Other Countries.A repository of more than 125 string, bow, percussion and wind musical instruments, used in India.