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National Maritime Museum

Location : Mumbai, Maharashtra,Opening Hours : 10.00 in the morning to 5.00 in the evening Entry Fee : Nil Closing Days : None Category : Historical National Maritime Museum of Maharashtra houses and preserves historical assets and treasures that belong to different parts of the world. It also showcases several ship models that are constructed in Mumbai.This Museum is apt for its location as Mumbai is the main maritime hub of this state.The Museum is set up by naval forces. It was started in 1912. The building, made in Gothic style, was a part of the heritage of Wadias.Being the representative of India s maritime heritage belonging to the last 4000 years, National Maritime Museum has found a special place in the history of maritime.The museum has undergone several renovation programs in order to conserve mangrove ecosystem, that form a part of this area, and to conserve marine ecology.There is the introduction of water purification and repairing of dock systems. In this purification system, polluted water is made to pass through several layers of roots of Palm and Cycus plants. This natural purification system is excellent in itself.A special breed of fish was also introduced that feeds on mosquitoes.National Maritime Museum is an attraction for those who are keen to know about the History of maritime in India. Those who are looking for a glance at colossal ships and marines, this museum is a perfect place.