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Shri Pratap Singh (SPS) Museum

Sri Pratap Singh (SPS) Museum was established in 1898 AD on the banks of the Jhelum River.The museum initially displayed shawls and armoury obtained from the treasury or the Tosh Khana. The museum exhibited artefacts unearthed at Parihaspora, Avantipura and Panderenthan for the first time.The museum consists of precious, ancient terracotta heads belonging to the 3rd century obtained from Ushkur, a Buddhist site. Moulded terracotta originating in the 4th and 5th century, from Harwan, can also be seen in this museum.An ancient brass model of a Buddhist meditational deity, Lokeshvara, and a green coloured stone idol of Hindu deity Vishnu, sitting on a large bird like mythical creature, Garuda, (of the Hindu mythology) attract numerous tourists.A copper structure of Buddha belonging to the 5th century showcasing Gandhara architectural style is also exhibitedin the Museum.The different artefacts present in the museum have been cautiously dated on the basis of period, style and material. The collections in the museum have been placed under categories like Numismatics and Manuscripts, Miniature Paintings, Weapons and Utensils, Grass and Willow work, Furniture and Decorative items and Musical Instruments. Some other categories include Textiles and Carpets; Items of Leather, Sculptures, Tiles and other artefacts excavated in various parts of Kashmir Natural; and History, Stuffed Birds and Animals.