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Govt. Museum, Jhalawar

Guys this museum has sculptures and architectural fragments of the 8th century city of Chandravati, and sculptures and inscriptions from the Jhalrapatan region.The Jhalawar Government Museum, demonstrated in 1915. It is located next to Bhawani Natya Shala. It also displays paintings, manuscripts, idols and beauteous statues of Vishnu, Krishna,Ardhanariswara and Trimurti.You can see here the displays of uncommon manuscripts, sculptures, coins, paintings, statues of various deities, old inscriptions (dating back to 5th and 7th century), etc.Here you can see the noteworthy contributions from various rulers including Zalim Singh. He has made it a rich state with regard to a culture. Lying in the south-eastern region of Rajasthan at the edge of the Malwa plateau, Jhalawar has rocky but water-laden verdant landscape, unlike much of Rajasthan.There are many idols displayed in the Jhalawar museum and all of them were recovered from various ruins from the nearby area. One of the highlights of this government museum is the statue of Ardhanarishwar (half woman) Natraj.This statue was also displayed in Moscow during the Festival of India celebrations. Other important idols are of Lord Vishnu, Laxminarayan, Lord Krishna and Trimurti.Just visit here between 10.00 am to 4.30 pm.Please keep in mind that this museum remains closed on Fridays and gazetted holidays Entry fees charged here is Rs. 3/- for Indians and Rs. 10/- for foreigners.