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Govt. Museum, Mandore

Government Museum of Mandore is settled at the distance of 8 kms from Jodhpur. This place as huge historic grandness, including the Hall of Heroes, attractively engraved cenotaphs, old fort and palaces.Between 1671 AD to 1724 AD, in the Mandore Gardens the Janana Mahal was constructed by the Maharaja Ajit Singh for the royal ladies. This later was being converted as the museum.In the Government Museum of Mandore there is a division of Natural History which bears a crocodile that is eleven feet in height and also an African Bison.The auspicious paintings of the lives of the Royals of Jodhpur, their events are on display. One complete division is dedicated to the Raga-Raginis, where you can have a glance at the illumination paintings.The Government Museum of Mandore, posses’ idols of the goddesses and gods. The main mention should be given to the sculpture of dancer from the 12th century AD and on a big stone discovered from Kiradu, there is the engraving of Krishna Leela on the stone which is intricately done. This museum serves as the best example of the architecture for the engravings in the Dalan, Ek Thamba, Devals and Chattris towers.