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Fort Museum, Bikaner

Ganga Mahal, is one of the special halls taken over by Maharaja Ganga Singh, now it is the Fort Museum. This museum like all museums in the state have a very mind blowing and it contains antique collection of Rajput weaponry, jade handle daggers, camel hide dhals (shields) and inlaid handguns and camel guns. Gold and silver howdahs, jhulas, palkis and a first world war biplane are on view.The furniture that were used then by these rulers are also saved here for public viewing and the jewellery studded in these artifacts and furniture just leaves you gaping and wanting to see more and more of these very precious and priceless belongings.Other important objects include a pair of durms belonging to Jambhoji, the saint who predicated the foundation of the dynasty by Rao Bika for 450 years.Photographs and items of personal use by Maharaja Ganga Singh and miniatures are also on view.