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Virat Nagar Museum

Introduction of Virat Nagar Museum : Virat Nagar was the capital of the famous Matsayadesh. Some references of Matsayadesh have been made in the Indian epic- the Mahabharata. In the epic age, the area approximately the district of Jaipur, Alwar and Bharatpur came to be known as Matsayadesh with Virat Nagar as its capital. The Virat Nagar also known for Great cow lover Mahatma Ramchandra Veer's birth place. The only Hindu saint who did anshan to stop the killing of animal in the Temples of India. He has introduced the Panchkhand Peeth on the top of hill. He was a devotee of a well known shasthra pandit named Hanuman and the their caste was named Vanar. He had also written the Hindu epic Ramayana in Hindi language the named "Ram katha Amrit", " Vijay Pataka" "Vinash ke Marg" & "Humare Hutatma".