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Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary

About Sanctuary: Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in Kerala, India, along the southeastern side of the Western Ghats. The sanctuary is extended to an area of about 128 sq km, and is home to rich and diverse flora and fauna. The sanctuary boasts of tropical wet evergreen to grasslands type of vegetation. The Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1958, which became a prime centre for protection and conservation of rare species of wildlife. The Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary is situated about 32 km from the city of Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala. The Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary is also a part of the beautiful Neyyar Reservoir, which is an excellent tourist destination and the place offers excellent conditions for boating. The scenic Agasthyakoodam Peak, rising to a height of about 1890 meters above the sea level, is located in close proximity to this wildlife sanctuary. For wildlife enthusiasts, the Neyyar wildlife sanctuary is a must visit destination near Trivandrum, Kerala.