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Bannerghata National Park

About Park: Bannerghatta National Park, situated in the south Indian state of Karnataka was established in the year 1971 and includes ten reserve forests of the Anekal Range. The hills surrounding the forest are dotted with temples and the park boasts of a rich variety of flora and fauna. Situated at an altitude of 3375 ft., the uneven terrain is interspersed with valleys, streams and other scenic spots. The park is open throughout the year for visitors while the best time to visit the place is between mid-June and August when the place is at its greenest and provides a beautiful eye soothing spectacle. The best time to spot wild animals however is between the months of November and June. A downside about the place is that its close proximity to a major metro has created problems of growing industrialisation and urbanisation. Incidents of poisoning of animals have been a major concern for the park authorities. Location: 21 km from Bangalore city.