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Radhanagri Wildlife Sanctuary

Notified in 1958, the Radhanagri Wildlife Sanctuary was the first wildlife sanctuary in Maharashtra state. The sanctuary is popularly referred as the "Bison Sanctuary" as the Indian Bison or Gaur is the prime species found in the region. Located at the southern end of the Sahyadri sub cluster of the Western Ghats, the sanctuary lies between the catchment areas of the major reservoirs of Rajarshi Shahu Sagar and Laxmi Sagar in Radhanagri taluka of Kolhapur district of Maharashtra.The rivers Bhogavati, Dudhganga, Tulshi, Kallamma and Dirba flow through the sanctuary before draining out into the Krishna River-one of the major rivers of the Deccan peninsula. Blessed with a rich and diverse flora and fauna, the Radhanagri Sanctuary is one of the main attractions for wildlife enthusiasts visiting Maharashtra. Covered by Rocky Mountains and dense forests, the sanctuary offers the exciting opportunity of watching numerous wild animals as they roam about in their natural habitat.